With determination, hard work, loyalty and a passion for netball, the Rust family directed all of their energies towards the success Hawthorn Hawks Netball Club (then known as Melbourne Central).

This Rust Family Award has been named in honour of all of the members of the family who did so much to create and sustain the club.

It reflects the dedication, endless energies and voluntary time commitment made by a person within the club to ensure the continued development and success of Hawthorn Hawks Netball Club.

Rust Family Perpetual Club Person Award Winners

2004 – Angela Jeffery

2005 – Lucille James

2006 – Lyn Crick

2007 – Lyn Crick

2008 – Shane O’Sullivan

2009 – Mark Gillies

2010 – Andrew Miller

2011 – Lauren Bennett

2012 – Ian Knell

2013 – Mark Parisio

2014 – Lillian O’Sullivan

2015 – Jacqui Hansen

2016 – Maureen Platt

2017 – Di Ralph

2018 – AJ Ballantyne

2019 – Lyn Crick