Hawks Netball moved to a new development structure in 2021, integrating its future stars directly into its Victorian Netball League program.

The new approach sees a small group of “Hawks Next Generation” athletes training as part of the Hawks’ 19/Under team on a weekly basis, giving them weekly exposure and access to the VNL training environment and the Hawks VNL coaches.

The program replaced the former Hawks Magic Development team program.

Hawks Netball High Performance and 19/Under coach Guy Keane said the new structure ensures stronger training and development outcomes for players identified as Hawks-in-waiting.

“We’re incredibly excited to have our rising stars integrated directly into our VNL squad,” Keane said.

“We want our developing athletes to be ready to step onto a VNL court, and having them training with and against the VNL players week in and week out provides the best chance for them to take that step, just like we see with players at higher levels,” Keane said.

The Hawks Next Generation athletes participate in all Hawks 19/Under VNL training sessions and are provided with VNL match night opportunities as required.

They are encouraged to maintain their own external matchplay opportunities, with Hawks VNL coaches to view and support them in these environments.

Selections for the “Hawks Next Generation” program are included within the Hawks 19/U trials later in the year.